L.Tooze Carpentry and Plastering

If you're looking for an honest, clean and tidy, hard working craftsman to take on your work, then myself and my team are perfect for you. We specialise in carpentry and plastering. We also offer other trade's such as Tiling and roofing, and Decorating to which we are highly trained and competent.


  1. Carpentry
  2. Plastering
  3. Painting & Decorating
  4. Handyman
  5. Garden Maintenance
  6. Bricklaying
  7. Fencing

About L.Tooze Carpentry and Plastering

I am qualified bricklayer and carpenter I have finish a advanced apprenticeships in Carpentry and gain my N.V.Q 3 in site Carpentry . I have work on new build houseing projects installing the fisrts and second first carpentry into new build house. when the house become sold the many of the house needed snagging this involed working along side the customer/ new home owner to find what the problem is and discuss howthis problem may have occurred and i how i will resolve pr snag the problem that has occured. Also during my apprenticeships i learned how to erect timber framed houses. Me and my work colege stood the timber frame panel of top floor apartments ready for the wall plate / top plate for the roof to be pitched. I have used my bricklaying skilles to build porches one thing I am really proud of in my bricklaying is my a curved butt truss wall with curved brick on edge. I believe the my most proud of is I recently converted a exiting garage into a bungalow this involved building a internal cavaity wall and fitting insulation in to the to existing external brickwork and removeing a garege door to build a cavity wall with a window in its place I then had to chase out the walls ready for the first fix electrics and plumbing after the first fix when install I file the chases ready to be plastered I then fitted the plasterboard and enabling the wires ready to be exposed in preperation for the second fix after after I had finished the internal stud walls ready to be skimmed. The stud wall was installed to section off parts of the garege for to make the rooms after all the first fix had been finish I installed the second fix carpentry.


Level 1 diploma Bricklaying

Level 2 diploma Bricklaying

Advanced Level 3 diploma Bricklaying

Level 2 diploma carpentry
Level 3 diplma carpentry
N.V.Q 3 diploma carpentry

Level 1 diploma plastering
Level 2 plastering
Level 2 fibrous plastering