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i am a qualified and quality plasterer with over 10 years experience i pride myself in doing a clean and very high quality level of work,i have never had 1 complaint or call back reguarding bad work give me a try and u wont regret it.

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over 10 years of site experience doing all aspects of plastering to the highest standard i have worked for baggaley and jenkins based in mansfield plastering over 50 2 bedroom houses plus numerous other projects for them and also over the years done alot of houses to a full quality finish for friends and family plus had 4 years working for pegasus external renderers.

Qualifications & accreditations

i have been a qualified plasterer for over 10 years and hold nvq,s in all levels. i am skilled in plastering to a very high standard infact many of my clients refer to the finished work i do as feeling and lookin like glass i am also skilled in external rendering on hundreds of houses which i have either renderd pebble dashed or texture coated.

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