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lb waterproofing

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  • Damp Proofing Specialist

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15 jobs won, 10 feedback comments - 100% positive

  • Ventilation / Air Brick solution required

    Ray did a great job installing the air bricks and was very fast and tidy. He recommended the best places to install the brick in one of the rooms and did a great job.

  • Exterior stairs waterproofing

    Job done in a timely fashion and to budget. Good, friendly service.


    lb waterproofing has been hired for this job.

  • Damp fixing and proofing kitchen wall

    Ray was excellent, clean, simple language for those who do not understand damp issues, went above and beyond what we expected and for a fab price. Also he noted things we could do ourselves as were easy- even told me how rather than charge me to do them! ( I did ask how!)

  • Damp proof Course for front of teraced house.

    lb waterproofing has been hired for this job.

  • Dry Rot issue in small corner of cellar

    Ray and the team (Vince/Danny) were courteous, hard working and very professional. The guys have years of experience and in their very friendly way explainined all the different stages of work required. They were also very tidy and cleaned all the mess before they left. I would highly recommend Ray and the team over Rentokil or Kenwood as their pricing was very competitive but more importantly they did a great job damp proofing my cellar with membrane/insulation/plaster board and plaster...as well as putting in a new chipboard floor with insulation.

  • Investigate evidence of penetrative damp in flat

    Ray was very reliable, honest and friendly. He was very careful in my property and clearly takes great pride in his work. He did a great job and I would recommend him to anyone with damp problems.

  • Damp proofing and woodworm

    lb waterproofing has been hired for this job.

  • DCP injection

    Ray was professional and helpful. We are very pleased with the work.

  • Investigate/remedy Damp Issue

    Ray arrived promptly. He took the time and trouble to explain the problem and cause in depth. He was very efficient, tidy and courteous. Thoroughly recommended!

  • tanking basement

    lb waterproofing has been hired for this job.

  • Damp proofing and new roof tiles.

    Top class builder one to trust, will use Ray again.

  • damp and woodworm

    lb waterproofing has been hired for this job.

  • Damp below bay window

    Ray recognised the problem, was able to explain how the problem had probably arisen and the remedy. He was personable, polite and prof - clearly knew what he was talking about (and made this easy for me to follow). Ray arrived promptly and his attention to detail, ability to communicate was brilliant. He talked me through the process, physically showing me the promblems and examples of where the wall was fine for comparison of quality/workmanship/effectiveness. He was very tidy and organised- working very efficiently which meant the job was completed sooner. I am very picky -so when I say that he did a thorough job, I mean faultless. The replastering was meticulous (not a join visable!) The skirting looked better than it probably did when it was first laid and i'm confident that this is job done. Incidently, my other job (concrete patio repair) was partly a concern about water damage/drainage and I was able to have Ray quote for it on his initial visit so I have had two great jobs completed by Ray/LB Water-proofing! I cannot recommend him enough and would be happy to provide a reference. The best way to avoid bad trades people is to support, hire and recommend the ones! Thanks again, Ray

  • damp proofing/tanking repair

    excellent job - reliable and knowledgeable

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