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hi my name is John i'm in the business of fencing with 25 year I started at the age between 15 and 16 for years I have worked for other companies now I have my own company I am a professional fencer and there's nothing I don't know about fencing I can do it with my eyes closed my gold is to stay 100% on my builder because I am A professional in my trades that's why all My reviews are100% I am and in perfectionist I like smooth lines and Little details I get a kick out of it


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About Laymore Fencing and Roofing Specialist

Residential fencing, commercial areas,motorway barriers and central reservation barriers and barriers for festivals fence repairs free estimate fencing, cleaning, new roofs and repairs all work guaranteed in writing with a full receipt The way it should be I also show and ID card to all my customers to give them more confidence and they're in good hands and nothing to worry about I am 100% and I will always stay 100%


I am a professional with 25 years experience top that qualifications is only paper you can't build a fence or a roof with paper you only build a fence with your hands and skills that you pick up True the years like I said top that qualifications I worked with the best of the best the old school guys but most of them are gone now or retired I can also do new roofs repairers fascia and soffit gutter leaks and all general roof repairs Chimney pot removing and capping the chimney and rendering Felt roofs leaks all felting and if I can't do it I will tell you the truth because that's what an honest person does tell you the truth not take your money and run I take pride in my work it makes me feel happy to see the customer happy because if you pick the wrong person it will cost you double to get it right Thank you for taking the time to read this from John

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