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hi my name is John i'm in the business of fencing with 26 year I started at the age between 16 or 17 for years I have worked for other companies I worked hard and then I worked Harder my goal was to own my own business I got it now I am a fully trained QUALIFIED professional I also so have done work for the ex heavy wight champion of the world Frank Bruno


  • 1.Fencer
  • 2.Landscape Gardener
  • 3.Handyman
  • 4.Fascias, Soffits and Guttering Specialist

About Laymore Fencing and Repair Specialist

I worked with the biggest companies through the years now I have my own company and I work for myself I've done many big projects in my time and doing garden fencing is like a walk in the park to me I worked with the best of the best old school guys but most of them are gone now or retired NOW I Am OLD SCHOOL


I am a fully qualified professional 🎓 (A+) (A1+) and (Level4) If I can't do it that means the materials hasn't been invented yet or they don't exist at all
Aris rail fencing 112%
Close board fencing100%
Lap fencing 100% Picket fencing 100%
Chain link fencing 100%
I also can make hand made fencing to fit anywhere 112%
Motorway barrier fencing 100%
Central reservation barrier fencing
Emergency slip road fencing with escape hatch 100%
Security fencing 100%
Driveway gates 100%
Side gates 112%
Hand made sheds 100%
Gutters 100%
Downpipes 100%
And a lot lot more I am a 26yr pro all my work comes fully guaranteed with a receipt for the work I provide ID to all my customers to give them that little peace of mind that they're in good hands and nothing to worry about I am very friendly and easy to talk to and kindhearted if I can help in anyway I will try my best your friend John from laymore.

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