I’m keen, conscientious and hard working person. I’m a good time keeper, reliable, accurate. I work well under pressure, either as part of the team or alone. What I Do --------------------------------- demolition, digging, unloading vehicles, cleaning - general labourer work Work History --------------------------------- 21.04.2006 - Robinson Crusoe P.H. - Cooking and prepare food, collecting & washing up glasses on busy days, cleaning tables, emptying ashtrays, stocking up the fridges. 30.01.2006 - 21.04.2006 - Properties Ltd. - General Labourer (digging, demolition, unloading vehicles, cleaning ) 2001-2005 - AVANS - delivering domestic appliances & furniture, loading/unloading vehicle, lifting heavy goods, fitting some appliances, moving homes. AVON - delivering goods for AVON consultants.


  1. Groundwork & Foundations