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Can this be removed

it sounds like a cuboard under the stairwell it is very unlikely iit will be supporting anything. if it has been closed off it is possible a boiler may have beennhere and the area contains asbestos. this is our specialst trade and have found this a usual location for asbestos materials. if you could provide photos or rather i visited to inspect there would be novcharge at all as i supply a free help and advice service on all asbestos related issues. there is no catch but just an understanable and guideance service

Answered 17th Jan 2012

Do I have an Asbestos Flue?

If it is your own property and the flue is asbestos cement you can remove this legally yourself as a licensed contractor is not required to remove cement products containing asbestos just a compentant person. your local council amenities site will dispose as long as you have wrapped in polythene and sealed using tape when take it to them. check hse asbestos website and you will find all the information you need on safe removal and ppe and rpe. feel free to contact me for free advice

Answered 15th May 2012

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