Shire Landscapes

John Wormleighton founded Shire Landscapes in 2012 having gained over 15 years experience in landscaping and construction as well as an NVQ in Horticulture & Landscaping at Pershore College. We are passionate about Horticulture, we look forward to taking any on job in your garden or driveway.


  • 1.Landscape Gardener
  • 2.Fencer
  • 3.Driveway Paver
  • 4.Stonemason
  • 5.Bricklayer
  • 6.Handyman

About Shire Landscapes

At 17 I started work with a landscaping company as a laborer. Throughout my 5 years working for this company I learnt skills in hard/soft landscaping becoming a valued member of the team helping to create large gardens worth up to 50k. Such projects include Full redesign and landscape, Driveways and taking on sub contracting work from Builders for large paving projects.

From there I moved to a construction and Civil Engineering company learning new skills in the construction trade and improving on the skills I had developed in my previous job. Throughout my time here I have perfected my skills in my previous job and have learnt great deal more.

Most of the work received was from Council projects re-generating areas within the towns around the county, mostly improving roads, foot paths and groundwork's for new builds.

Block Paving (over 1000sq meters)
Slabbing (over 1000sq meters)
Gully Formation
Working to scaled plans from Council offices.

Now at the age of 33 I am currently running a landscape business undertaking all types of Landscape work from Soft to Hard. For the last year I have been sub contraction to another firm taking on landscaping work for a national house builder doing the fencing, some paving and soft landscaping (laying turf, create flower beds and planting to on going maintenance of the new estate.

Am available for sub contracting work within the industry


Throughout my 15 years working in the industry I have developed skills to a high standard including:

Block Paving
Stone Walls
Brick Walls
Soft Landscaping and Maintenance
Use of site machinery:

360 Excavator
Jumping Jack
and other Building/Landscaping Machinery.

5 Years ago I saved up some money and took a year off work and went to live in Pershore, Worcestershire at Pershore College of Horticulture.

Here I studied an NVQ in Horiculture & Landscaping. Passing with distinction and obtaining a reward for outstanding performance at the end of the Year. To which I received a cash sum and a Pershore College paper weight.