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Here at onpoint brickwork, we strive on bringing you the best quality builds and referbs. Based on our 26 years of combined knowledge and skills in the bricklaying trade, we are competent in taking on a wide range of different works with affordable and unbeatable prices. Building your future and Restoring your past! Here at onpoint brickwork


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About On Point Brickwork

We are comfortable with taking on most works from the ground up such as pouring concrete footings, heritage brickwork, standard brickwork, stone work, flint work, laying copings and are well connected to reliable trust worthy tradesman for any other needs like plasters, electritions, roofers, plumbers and painters so many jobs we will be happy to take on from start to finish if necessary.


Lvl 2 bricklaying and my partner has a lvl 3 in bricklaying

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