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I'm John Keegan of JPK Plumbing, Bishopston, Bristol. I work throughout the Bristol area. I used to be a bookseller: plumbing is a career change for me. I have a natural ability with my hands, backed by trade qualifications.


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About JPK Plumbing

I specialise in general plumbing repairs and installations. I don't go in for roofing, carpentry, etc, as I prefer to stick to what I am qualified for and good at.

I turn up on time and I don't leave my phone switched off.

Jobs undertaken over the last year include

● Any number of repairs or replacements of taps and ball-valves.

● Fitting outside tap.

● Removal of radiator for decorating puposes

● Fitting of new washbasin and waste pipe in bedroom.

● Repair of blocked radiator.

● Replacement of cold water cistern that had cracked owing to faulty installation. The job involved building a suitable platform in loft to support new cistern.

● Clearing of badly blocked drain in a urinal

● Plumbing in washing machines.

● Fitting of a large Belfast sink for Amalgam Modelmaking, and other plumbing maintemance
work for this company.

● A day's work for a householder who had inherited a DIY nightmare. A builder was sorting out a badly constructed conservatory while I was putting leaky amateur pipework to rights.

* Replacement of plastic WC cistern with a new ceramic one. My knowlege of where to buy a good, basic cistern saved this householder some money.

* Permanent removal of radiators and capping off of pipes. Used freezing equipment to save time involved in draining system

* Replacement of worn-out showers, both mixer showers and electric.

* Fitting of filters to mains supply and to central heating circuit.


Logic Certification Certificate of Competence, Basic Heating and Hot Water Design and DSpecification. This also covers the Water Regs. Cert No 10/082911

BPEC part L Cert. in Energy Efficiency for Domestic Heating. Cert No 90899 ● Knowlege of the Water regulations; I won't do anything illegal or not in accordance with best practice.

● All the plumber's usual skills: pipe bending, soldering, selection of the correct fitting for the job, etc.

● Over and above this, I would add sound workmanship and the ability to think and find a solutiion to the most difficult problems.

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