Jolly Good Job

Jolly Good Job is an Oxfordshire based small build and landscaping company undertaking building projects including extensions, house renovations, kitchen and bathroom refurbishments, and hard landscaping including fencing, paving, outbuildings and driveways.


  • 1.Carpentry & Joinery
  • 2.Fencing
  • 3.Landscape Gardening
  • 4.Driveways
  • 5.Restoration & Refurbishment
  • 6.Roofing
  • 7.Painting & Decorating
  • 8.Bathroom Fitting
  • 9.Kitchen Fitting
  • 10.Windows

About Jolly Good Job

Jolly Good Job has experience in house construction, home maintenance and garden landscaping.


The qualifications gained by the Jolly Good Job team are from the University of Life; or in other words experience. Experience has a lot to say for itself. It allows us to be creative with problem solving getting the job done. We communicate with you in your language about your project, keep you informed of progress and work through any problems with you, the customer.