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John Murray Stonework

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  • Stonemason
  • Chimney & Fireplace Specialist
  • Landscape Gardener

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I have 12 years experience in stonework; I am proficient in many aspects of this trade from dry stone walling to lime mortar pointing and architectural stone repair. I build pillars and arches; long & short walls; repair houses and do all landscaping too.

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About John Murray Stonework

Initially worked for other companies such as Kishorn Specialist Construction as a self-employed mason; then started taking on my own contracts; now can call on up to 4 skilled masons, and the same amount of labourers if the job warrants it; but a lot of my work is just me and 1-2 others.

Qualifications & accreditations

Professional member of Dry Stone Walling Association.
Can do: the above; lime mortar point; Lithomex repairs; renders; mortar walls; trowel mastic point; all architectural & ornamental repairs/build.

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