JMS Roofing Services

Here at JMS Roofing Services we pride ourselves on excellent workmanship, customer satisfaction, and professionalism in everything we do. We are experts in predominantly flat roofing contracts and have partaken in small domestic works and big commercial works. We have over 20 years experience and are NVQ level 2 in BUFR (Built Up Felt Roofing) systems. We have a number of certificates that can be given on request. I'm sure you will be happy with what we offer.


  1. Flat Roofing
  2. Fascias & Soffits
  3. Guttering
  4. Pitched Roofing

About JMS Roofing Services

Our founder Justin Spring started in roofing many years ago in 1992 as a yard boy after finding an interest in the industry, after asking the company that he worked for at the time, if he could go up on the roof and have a go.
Justin attended the CITB college in Kent and began a 2 year block release course travelling down and staying in digs and coming home weekends. After 2 years Justin passed as a roofer and obtained his level 2 NVQ diploma
Justin's journey into being a qualified roofer began with a many different types of roof's with varying levels of difficulty
We have the required experience to provide a complete and professional service. Justin has had over 22 years in the trade and JMS roofing Services will always guarantee a high standard of quality work.


Nvq level 2 BUFR Systems.

Trocal single membrane course.
Epdm rubberised roofing.