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my name is jerome birch. i have been running my business for 15 yrs and have 29 years experience as a bricklayer. i served a 4 yr apprenticeship with taylor woodrow and employ 2 other bricklayers who share 51 years experience too. my company jmb brickwork guarantees quality brickwork.

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JMB Brickwork has been established for 15yrs. as you can see from my profile pictures we do all our work to the highest standards. we specialise in all forms of brickwork from garden walls to total house build. the pictures on my profile are of six flats we built in 2010 in teddington of which the clients i have used as one of my references. Many bricklayers i have come across over the years take no pride in their work. The other bricklayer i employ has worked with me for 25 yrs and has served his apprenticeship much the same as myself. We can give you a guarantee on all work that is undertaken which is all done to a standard that any client would expect. Jerome birch.

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i served my 4 year apprenticeship when i left school in 1982 with a company called taylor woodrow. since then i have worked on building sites in the private and public sector for companies until i established my own company in1997.

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