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My name is John Wood I am the director of JD Forestry Limited. I first jumped into the tree world at age 18 after seeing a guy climbing a tree with a chainsaw and thought WOW! I want to do that. I have done many gardens and trees all over the UK. Every job has been done to very high standards. From commercial motorway contracts to national forestry contract we will speak and discuss your best options to progress forward on your job. We also have partnered with


  1. Tree Surgery
  2. Landscaping

About JD Forestry Limited

I have been a tree surgeon & Gardener for ten years now. I got started when I seen a guy up a tree cutting and thought I would love to do that. A month later and I have a job as a groundsman (Working on the ground dragging branch's working with a Gardening team). I wanted to be a climber that was my dream in the job. So I worked my way up from the bottom and ended up becoming the head climber of the company and I was taught by one of the best climbers in Scotland. I soon realised that my talent progressed a lot faster than other climbers and a lot of companies were asking me to work for them. I decided that its better making money for myself than some else. That's when JD Forestry Limited came from. The work we typically do is.

Tree shaping
Crown lifting
Crown thinning
Dead wooding
Tree dismantle
Crown reducing
Stump grinding/ Stump removal
Hedge trimming / reduction / removal
All Aspect of tree work
Felling & dismantling of large dangerous trees
Tree Preservation orders/Conservation area checks
Tree surveys /Reports
Emergency Call Out

We are make our PROFESSIONAL tree services AFFORDABLE to the general public.

All staff are NPTC qualified.

5million liability insurance


NPTC Level 2 certificate of competence in chainsaw
CS30.1 Maintenance of the chainsaw(R/101/7900)
CS30.2 On-Site preparation and basic cross cutting (Y/101/7901)
CS31 Fell and process small trees (200mm-380mm)(D/101/7902)
NPTC Level 2 Award to fell and process trees over 380mm diameter
CS32 Fell and process trees over 380mm diameter (3 credits)(L/600/4100)
CS32a - Sned
CS32b - Delimb
Unit Certificate
CS39 Use of a chainsaw from a rope and harness (A/101/7907)
NPTC Level 2 Award to sever individual uprooted trees
CS34 Sever individually uprooted trees (1 credit)(H/600/4104)
NPTC Level 2 Certificate of competence to climb trees
and perform aerial rescue
01 climb a tree(J/101/2449)
02 conduct aerial rescue(A/101/2450)

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