IZ Livingly Home Improvements

We are 15 skilled hard working man who delivers the service you require. We cover all areas of construction work and each team member have over 14 years experience in construction industry. I have 18 years experiance in construction and understand all customer needs and expectations. We wil deliver the results you expect and beyond. We say that words dont speak but your action will speak about you. With a little research about us you will be able to see what can we deliver.


  • 1.Restoration & Refurb Specialist
  • 2.Conversion Specialist
  • 3.Loft Conversion Specialist
  • 4.Kitchen Fitter

About IZ Livingly Home Improvements

At IZ Livingly Home Improvements, it's about the little things. It's about our customers being at harmony with their home from the moment they walk through the door. It's about the feeling they get when sitting with their morning coffee looking out from their newly built home extension. And it's also about waking up, opening the loft room balcony doors and enjoying the morning sun. You see, at IZ Livingly Home Improvements, we consider the emotions involved when renovating homes. We think about how our customers will feel not just what they will see.

This way of thinking helps us go above and beyond in the work we complete. And, as the owner and leader of IZ Livingly Home Improvements, I’m proud to say we enable homeowners to achieve the home they've always wanted.

Our services include
- Extensions. Extend your home and add space, value, and comfort with either a single or second-floor extension.
- Kitchen redesigns. Over time your needs and expectations from what your kitchen can do changes, as does the technology within it. We can help inspire and bring a kitchen to life that's adaptable, suitable and affordable.
- Loft Conversions. Gone are the days where a loft conversion was typically for a child's bedroom or office. New technology allows us to turn unused space into a dream location with a walkout balcony and extended roof. Wake up or work in harmony with a room that inspires.
- Bathrooms. From baths to showers. Feel at ease as you relax after a long day in an open space created for an individual and/or family.
- Complete Renovations. We understand that the location is often more important then the home you buy, but why should you settle for just the one. We take what’s there and renovate it to be what you want, in the area you need it. We bring your home into the now, but still make you feel it’s the home you’ve always known.
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Over 14 years experience in building trade.
COSH assessed.
First aid certificate.


Public Liability Insurance

Limit of indemnity: £5,000,000.00
Valid until: 29th Oct 2019