Inside & Out

I've been in the building industry now for more than 16 years I specialise in stone building, stone repairs and the many uses of various lime mortars. I do cover all aspects of the building trade from period renovations to new builds and internal refurbishments to structural Landscaping.


  • 1.Stonemason
  • 2.Bricklayer
  • 3.Landscape Gardener
  • 4.Damp Proofing Specialist
  • 5.Conversion Specialist

About Inside & Out

The projects I undertake vary considerably from building walls to plastering walls although I started my trade as a bricklayer 90 % of the work I do is stone building.
Most stone can't be walled without first being dressed or masoned to make it fit for walling purposes, this is where I've learnt many chisel and tooling skills and the uses of various Lime mortar mixes and traditional technics including stone repair work using Lithomex.
The majority of extensions ive built need tying into a property seamlessly and the properties themselves are nearly always period and need some degree of renovation work.
This is where Ive learnt a mountain of skills including 1st and second fix joinery and plastering, also being able to liase with and manage other trades.
Once an extension or refurb is complete, I will then usually landscape the property grounds with varying levels, walls, paths, steps, patios and driveways, including many other features.


I am acredited by the Federation of Master Builders and been a member for 5 years.