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Imgas services (Scotland)

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Should Megaflow/Unvented Cylinder Hot Water Setting Be On Constant Or On Timer?

There is no straight forward answer to this. It depends on the hot water useage. The best way to check is to use your electricity meter. Take a reading and run the system for a week on all the time. Take a reading at the end of the week and then for the following week, run it the other way for a week.Take another reading at the end of that week and you should then have a good indicator as to costs.

Answered 3rd Aug 2015

No hot water from basin

yes, the boiler can't differeniate between taps, if all the other taps are being fed with hot water, you're problem probably lies with the specific tap

Answered 16th Sep 2015

Vaillant Boiler (eco tec plus installed 2008)

If water is boiling very quickly at start up, that suggests a lack of water movement through the boiler. It could be a blockage, but it could also signify a failed pump in the system.

Answered 16th Sep 2015

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