We are a building company undertaking small and big projects. We are flexible in pricing and can provide whole range of services from a small demolition/removal or burglar alarm installation to frequent property maintenance or constructing a sustainable project for you.


  1. Plastering
  2. Bricklaying
  3. Repointing
  4. Extensions
  5. Restoration & Refurbishment

About Skillbuild

Key dates from our history:
2007 - Entering Bulgarian building sector - property entrepreneurship
2012 - First UK operations in Birmingham, establishing office in London


Skillbuild as a building company body hires and works in cooperation with different industry partners.
Our services today offer London based individuals and companies daily cleaning and maintenance services and all sorts of building services whether it would be a small wall repair or a rear extension or loft conversion.

Some of our projects include:
- Full refurbishment of "The Kings Arms" , "Jack's" ,"The Windmill" , "The Ring" (Southwark area, London bars and pubs - painting and plastering mostly)
- Many private bricklaying jobs
- Early building stage works at Mosque of Bethnal Green Gardens - blocklaying, rendering, plastering
- Numerous private flat and homes refurbishments,re-modellings and renovation projects - Kitchens, Bathrooms, Gardens, Extensions, Sheds, Bedrooms etc.
- Specific building service supply, e.g - only bricklaying, painting, plastering, tiling, plumbing etc.

There is hardly any evidence of any demolition job we done.
We are also part of active participants in several sustainable building societies and work towards keeping the built environment beautiful, efficient, friendly and comfortable.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Can guarantee up to 1'000'000 GBP property losses or damage due to our work. Insured labourers and third parties also to injuries caused by our work. Other type of insurances and guarantees that you may need, have to be asked for in advance.
Labourers accredited with CSCS cards and approved H&S equipment
Energy Management Strategies,Project Management and Designs can be also quoted from the company.
IOSH, CME, certifications. Generation Zero NZ contributors.