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I Home Solutions are an industry leading Spray Foam specialist. We help our customers to save thousands of pounds on their utility bills each year and have installed in over 200 homes as part of the Governments Green Home Grant Scheme. We are helping to reduce carbon footprint and raise your EPC rating. Sprayfoam is an investment into your home and quality of life and comes with a 25 year guaranteee unlike any other insulation products, this provides a seal to your home preventing heat loss


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About I Home Solutions

Many UK homes are still being 'insulated' with Fibreglass even though it is not fully effective. As heat rises, it escapes our homes through the roof.

Fibreglass is laid directly onto the joists of the loft floor, the product allows for air leakage and heat to seep through it and out through the roof.

Sprayfoam resists heat flow and effectively puts a blanket onto your home, providing an airtight seal and thus preventing heat loss and eliminating condensation.

Although Sprayfoam is the more expensive option, it is an investment into your home and your quality of life and can also save you up to 40% on your energy bills. Prices range from £1500 onwards depending on the size of your property.

Open Cell Spray Foam has been established in the UK for 10+ years and originally started over in Canada 35+ years ago.
How does it work:
- This is a H2O based product and contains no nasty chemicals.
- Breathable and has a condensation risk of 0.1%
- Applied to membrane or felt and can be easily removed for future renovations.

Features and Benefits:
- Guaranteed to have a saving of 25 - 40% on your utility bills.
- 25 Year Warranty. No need for continued topping up I.E. Fibreglass
- Creates an air tight seal while also allowing your property to breathe.
- Speed of installation is usually less than a day.

Why I Home Solutions Doesn't use Fibreglass and you as a consumer should not

- Older Fibreglass can contain asbestos
- Once it becomes wet it traps moisture leading to mould.
- Fibreglass is not airtight and is allowing your heat to escape through your roof.
- Fibreglass needs a continual top up and once topped up, boarding cannot be fitted.

Why we don't use insulation boards?

- Insulation boards have to be cut to size, this means the boards aren't air tight and heat is still escaping.
- The boards take much longer to install. A job that would take a few days to install the boards would only take us 1 day to install the foam.
- A big disadvantage with the boards is the moisture resistance. Once the moisture damage seeps in, it takes away the effectiveness of the boards being an insulator.

Spray Foam is a market leading insulation and goes above and beyond any other insulation out there. Take your first steps to becoming an energy efficient and carbon neutral home.


NVQ level 2 roofing and cladding
mastercraft master sprayer certificate


Public Liability Insurance

Limit of indemnity: £5,000,000.00
Valid until: 28th Feb 2023

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