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Home Heroes Limited, is run by Nathan. At Home Heroes we offer a friendly professional service we are Gas safe registered LPG & Natural Gas .I have a wealth of training and real world experienced, am fully insured and water safe registered & CIPHE I am not the cheapest and never will be but with Home Heroes you get a friendly professional service and I am insured, water safe, gas safe registered and a member of CIPHE I work on Plumbing, Heating & Gas Gas Safe Registration Number: 231736


  • 1.Gas Engineer
  • 2.Heating Engineer
  • 3.Plumber

About Home Heroes Limited

Home Heroes Limited, Plumbing, Gas & Heating Engineer, covering servicing, repair, installation & breakdowns.
We are Gas Safe Registered: 231736
I am a CIPHE Member: 00040190
I am a member of Water Safe
I am fully insured as My Builder has verified.
I have water regulations, unvented cylinders can work on LPG & Natural Gas appliances including Caravans, Residential Park Homes & Boats.
We are a proper registered Limited Company, we are VAT registered and follow building regulations


Domestic ACS - Boilers, Cookers, Fires, Warm Air Units, Range Cookers, CPA1 (Flue Gases) Warm Air Units
Water Regulations
Commercial ACS - A whole range of appliances
Unvented Hot Water (G3)
LPG Caravans,
LPG Houses
LPG Motor Homes
LPG Boats
Widney Closed flue fires
Other Plumbing Qualifications
Manufactures Training
Autostopcock Accredited Installers
Surestop Accredited Installers
TapWorks Installer

and of cause we are totally time served we have been plumbers for a very long time and have the experience to back up these qualifications

Gas Safe Registered: 231736
Water Safe Registered: 0040190
CIPHE Registered Plumber: 0040190
Associate CIOB Member

We are a fully insured Limited Company and we accept all type of payment methods including Credit and Debit Cards with a fee of 3.5%

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