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We are a local family run building company covering all aspects of building work throughout the south, specialising in full Refurbishments, extensions, loft and garage conversions . We have noticed how expensive our competitors are when offering replacement UPVC & Aluminium windows and doors (especially Bifolds). so we have launched our sister company Home Discount Windows & Bifolds offering supply and installation of UPVC & Aluminium Windows, doors and Bifolds at great value for money!


  1. Extensions
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  3. Conversions - General
  4. Fascias & Soffits
  5. Guttering
  6. Windows & Doors (uPVC & Metal)
  7. Windows & Doors (Wooden)
  8. Pitched Roofing

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Latest reviews

  • 2 storey extension + Refurb of parts of existing house


  • Window replacement

    We hired Mike and the team to replace our windows and cladding and build a new porch after reading good reviews on here. The quote was not the cheapest we had but Mike talked about the team he had and that he would send all the guys down and get the job completed in around 2 weeks.

    Once the contracts were signed we then got a message saying that they had "forgotten" to add one of the windows to the quote so they added it at cost price, another £800. He then sent one man to start on the work. It started off OK, although numerous issues with windows having been mismeasured and one window not being replaced having being taken out and broken, which then also needed to be replaced at their cost.

    I have had many companies do jobs over the years and never seen so much mess left. I have 2 young kids and I couldn't let them in the garden without doing a sweep and picking up all the broken glass, plastic, screws and nails that were scattered everywhere. I got home one night to find that they had been throwing the old windows from the scaffolding into the skip, one had missed and scattered shards of glass all across the garden and onto the pavement. Worse still they had gone home and left it like that so I spent my evening cleaning it up.

    The work eventually took around 3 months to complete. It looks good now but I am not sure how well the job has actually been done and now worry that it will not stand the test of time.

    Home Building & Property Refurbishments Limited's reply:

    Unfortunately we tried to do this job for the customer through the Covid period, and in hindsight we wouldn't have done as we had problems with the window company as are usual ones were closed so we used someone else to supply them, they miss measured the windows and we are now no longer using that company. We also had a problem with a member of staff who had to keep taking time of to help look after his children so his wife could work during the Covid lockdown. Unfortunately once a customer is upset against the timing we were up against it to please them, but do not dispute the issues and corrected them properly and as you can see from our previous comments it is not something that has happened before.
    We did do some extra jobs for nothing as a gesture of goodwill at the time and of course apologized sincerely to the customer throughout the issues.
    We now understand why other companies just closed down during the Covid period, lesson learned and can only apologize to the customer again.

  • Bungalow Extension Roof

    I hired Mike to build the roof of our extension. He had great feedback (100% at the time of hiring) and seemed confident in being able to get the job done.
    The contract was signed and work began, but 2 weeks into the build I received a text from Mike saying that the joists do not form part of the roof structure and will cost extra to do (a click on the title of this review will link back to the original description of the works which clearly state that ceiling joists are to be installed). It is also not true. Building Control and the structural engineer are both very clear that the joists are an integral part of the roof structure. Plus, the carpenters had been talking in detail about how they would install the joists from day one. I pointed out all of the above to Mike, but he dismissed it and demanded an extra £650 for putting in the joists.
    There were several other problems during the build:
    One evening we had water pouring in through the ceiling where they had failed to cover their work properly and so at 8pm one evening I got drenched re-covering the roof to stop our home being soaked in the rain – not fun.
    On multiple occasions I found empty alcohol cans they had left strewn around our home, one empty can had even been stuffed into the cavity wall of the house!
    On another occasion they annoyed the neighbours by having their van radio playing loudly in the road at 7:45am.
    Overall the experience was frustrating and unpleasant and I cannot recommend them.

    Home Building & Property Refurbishments Limited's reply:

    We were contracted to pitch, felt, batten and tile the roof, supplying materials. In addition the customer asked if we could also install the steels and pearlings. After quoting it was then asked if this included Facias and soffits. This was not apart of the quote but as goodwill we will include this in the job.

    The customer has built the first part of the job with his friends and we were only contracted to fulfil the structural side and roofing part of the contract which excluded the ceiling joists as he would once again continue the rest of the work with his friend in order to save money.

    After reminding the customer of this, he then wanted the ceiling joists to also be done by us, which we then disclosed there will be extra costs involved to cover the day rate costings. He replied ‘Okay we’ll sort it out at the end’.

    Overall throughout the contract I have received text messages from the customer praising the work crew, Even though there was an issue with the neighbours regarding radio noise, I rectified this issue with the neighbour who appreciated our apology. The Job was completed to our usual high standards however at the end of the job the customer refused to pay the extras which were agreed. The customer has since tried to cause trouble in attempt to slander the reputation of the company. The work crew always abide by the strict company polices and would never drink alcohol onsite, The cans in the cavity were not from our work crew.

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