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My name is Steven Holmes, i'm from a family of flooring fitters and i'm the 3rd generation in the business. I've been fitting flooring professionally for 14 years and have been a successful store manager for large national flooring companies since 19. I'm now 26 and starting up my own business in the North West, away from my families successful business in the West Midlands that has been around for over 60 years. Professional service from start to finish, 14years experience, call now.

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About Holmes Carpets

Holmes Carpets originated in the late 1940s when carpets were nothing like they are today. Selling rugs and carpets in the Derbyshire and Staffordshire area of the West Midlands. This trade was then passed on to my Uncle and Father, from my Grandfather along with the family name.

Both have now been trading in Derbyshire and Stafforshire from their premises for over 70 years combined. From fitting carpets in caravans, aeroplanes, houses, treehouses and even for royalty. Holmes carpets has always prided themselves on a can do attitude and doing whatever it takes to meet a customers flooring needs.

In the past we've provided flooring in 7 different countries for loyal customers that are just unable to buy from other traders after experiencing what they do at Holmes Carpets.

Now, over 70 years on from the first days of Holmes Carpets, I am bringing the family business and family name, Steven Holmes to Manchester and the North West. I will be starting relatively small and building up over the coming years, supplying and meeting all fitting needs in the North West. No job too big, too small.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks for reading
Steven Holmes

Qualifications & accreditations

Owner of a flooring warehouse, showroom and a shop.
15 Years floor fitting experience.
5 Years flooring superstore management.

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