Hillman Gardens

Hillman Gardens is a friendly and accessible garden landscaping business, run by the eponymously named Duncan Hillman out of the backstreets of East London. Promising tailored designs at competitive prices, ask for a quote today!


  1. Landscaping
  2. Garden Maintenance
  3. Decking
  4. Fencing

About Hillman Gardens

Hillman Gardens specialises in turning unloved areas of earth into recreational spaces, ready for sale packages, and remodelling gardens. Most gardens are done under the commission of private clients, though work has also been done on behalf of estate agents and property developers.

The services provided are end-to-end, from initial design and modelling of an idea to execution. Specific elements of work include paving, decking, brick laying, turfing, fencing, trellising, and other staples of garden landscaping.

Recently, for example, Hillman Gardens helped turn an unkempt area of disuse into a planned space. A semi-circular planter was built into one corner, hugged by a curved footpath running diagonally across the garden. New lawn was also laid down on the other side of the footpath, with the additional feature of patterned stonework in a circular design, in-keeping with the other curves of the garden. (The clients were so pleased with the work that unexpected bonuses were paid to the landscapers on the job!) Additional designs and examples of other work can be provided.

Hillman Gardens germinated as an idea as the founder Duncan Hillman learnt his trade on the mean streets of Hackney 10 years ago. First starting as a labourer and foreman, Duncan honed his craft and then started undertaking his own projects.

Duncan's love of landscaping started at a much younger age. He helped his father build a stone/wood chicken coop at the age of 11. And by 15, was redesigning the local woodland with help of a shovel, oak star and slight disregard for land planning norms in Cornwall.

Things have progressed to a more professional level since childhood and Hillman Gardens will be happy to provide a quote or talk through some ideas, just reach out!