Handy Vic In Hull

One stop handy guy from electrical to erecting garden posts, one off jobs or all day rates available. I have many years’ experience in DIY. All work under free no obligation quotation. From beginning to cleaning up and removal of rubbish. I have many satisfied customers and been employed as caretaker for a school and undertake work for property management companies. Invoices supplied


  1. Garden Maintenance
  2. Handyman

About Handy Vic In Hull

My Services, Bed Frame Assembly, Desk Assembly, Door Installation, Door Repair, Services, Furniture Assembly, General Contracting, Handyman, IKEA Furniture Assembly, Kitchen Island Removal, Outdoor Kitchen Remodel or Addition, Pet Door Installation, Pet Door Removal, Picture Hanging and Art Installation, TV Mounting, Washing Machine Installation, Window Blinds Installation, Suggested Services, Countertop Repair or Maintenance, Balcony, Deck and Patio Repair or Maintenance, Kitchen Renovation, Dresser Assembly, Draught Proofing Doors and Windows, Fitness Equipment Assembly, Interior Wall Removal, Interior Wall Addition, Kitchen Island Installation, Pool Table Assembly, Home Modification for Seniors, Window Blinds Repair, Railing Repair, Outdoor Equipment or Furniture Assembly, Replacement electrical sockets, Indoor and outdoor light fittings, CCTV, Gardening


Appraising of property, Art Installation, Bed Frame Assembly, Blinds Repair, Carpentry, CCTV, Ceiling repair, Ceramic tile repair, Cleaning, Countertops, Curtain hanging, Decks, Deck and Patio Repair or Maintenance, Desk Assembly, Door installation, Door repair, Draught Proofing Doors and Windows, Dresser Assembly, Dryer repair, Dryer vent cleaning, Dryer vent installation, Drywall Installation, Drywall repair, Electrical wiring, Fan installation, Fence fixing, Fireplace cleaning, Fitness Equipment Assembly, Flooring Installation and Repair, Foundations, Framing, Furniture Assembly, Garage door openers, Garage doors, General Maintenance, Gutter Cleaning, Handyman, Home inspections, Home Modification for Seniors, Home security systems, Hot tubs and spas, IKEA Furniture Assembly, Indoor and outdoor light fittings, Interior Wall Addition, Interior Wall Removal, Kitchen Renovation, Lamp repairs, Lock set adjustment, Mold treatment, Outdoor Equipment or Furniture Assembly, Paint removal, Painting, Patio stone installation, Pest control, Pet Door Installation, Pet Door Removal, Picture Hanging, Plumbing repairs, Pool Table Assembly, Porches, Remodeling basements, Remodeling bathrooms, Remodeling kitchens, Replacement electrical sockets, Safety modifications,
Senior Living Modifications, Shelf installation, Shelving, Sprinkler repair, Storage area construction, Storage area repair, Swapping a toilet, Tiling, Tile and Grout Cleaning, TV Mounting, Re-Grouting,
Window Blinds Installation, Washing Machine Installation, Water purification, Water softening, Window installation, Window repair, Window screens

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