Handimen (Home & Garden)

Thermal insulation of Loft’s - Underfloors / basements - Cold Walls / ceilings. Resolving condensation / mould problems and heat loss. Landscapes-Fencing-Outbuildings etc… Covering most of: Kent - Surrey East & West Sussex - London


  1. Insulation
  2. Fencing
  3. Decking
  4. Landscaping
  5. Painting & Decorating
  6. Waste Clearance

About Handimen (Home & Garden)

We generally carry out a pre-work assessments, with a flexible approach to all projects.

Trades include;

* Various Insulation solutions
* Decorating (Internal / External)
* Fencing
* Decking
* Outbuildings (Sheds etc)
* Soft Landscaping

Currently covering:

• Kent & Surrey
• East & West Sussex
• London

Please contact to discuss your requirements.

Latest reviews

  • Loft insulation top up and new boarding

    I recently had the pleasure of hiring Toni for insulating under our floorboards, and I must say, his work exceeded all my expectations.
    Punctuality is one of Toni's strongest suits. He arrived on time for every appointment, from the initial assessment to the completion of the job. This respect for our schedule greatly minimized any disruption to our daily routine and set a positive tone for the entire project.

    Toni's conscientious approach to his work was evident in every detail. He didn't just insulate under the floorboards; he went above and beyond. His commitment to ensuring every aspect of the job was done right was truly commendable. He meticulously insulated the pipes, which not only improved the efficiency of our heating system but also demonstrated his thoroughness and attention to detail.

    The hard work Toni put into this project was remarkable. Insulating under floorboards is no easy task, yet he tackled it with such skill and dedication. His efforts have significantly improved the comfort of our home, reducing drafts and helping to maintain a consistent temperature throughout.

    Moreover, Toni's cleanliness and organisation were exceptional. He ensured that the area under the floorboards was left tidy and clean, which is a testament to his professionalism and respect for our property.

    In conclusion, I highly recommend Toni's work. His punctuality, conscientiousness, and hard work are a rare combination that guarantees a job well done.

  • Roof insulation for a flat roofed terraced house

    Tony was great to work with, he's very friendly and knowledgeable about insulation and decordating work. The work he's done on our bedrooms looks great, would definitely recommend!

  • Loft insulation for terraced house in Eastbourne

    Everything went well. Job completed to a high standard and to agreed price. I recommend Tony.