Handimen (Home & Garden)

Originally I started out on construction sites, moving on to domestic and office refurbishments. Eventually conducting site surveys for a good number of years, throughout the south. Now I enjoy completing a variety of different tasks both inside & out as a handyman, on local residential homes.


  1. Insulation
  2. Handyman
  3. Fencing
  4. Landscaping
  5. Garden Maintenance
  6. Decking
  7. Painting & Decorating
  8. Demolition

About Handimen (Home & Garden)

Over recent months, I have replaced garden (& supporting) brick walls, had made & fitted an iron handrail for an elderly customer.
Refurbished/replaced garage access.

Weather sealed external house walls, treating & redecorating internal damp walls.
Insulated a number of loft's, partly boarding where required, and fitted various access ladders.
Installed a fitted wardrobe, boxing in unsightly pipes & refurbishing a home-office.
Reduced an elderly couples need to weed an extensive garden, by effectively removing weed roots, fitting large area's with quality weed sheeting and wood barking and helped with re-landscaping.

Cleared and unblocked a water damaged basement, making reusable.

Repaired and repainted woodwork to an early 19th century (three storey) commercial property.

Redecorated various lounge & dinning rooms via recommendations.

Repaired & replaced guttering and rainwater pipes to various properties.
Replaced and repaired both concrete door steps and hardwood door treads.

Removed and hand-built new commercial roof access doors.

Converted a (garden) garage into a usable area, removing old trees, cutting out brickwork from side wall and fitting large window, to create improved natural lighting.

Currently refurbishing a converting attic child's bedroom plus laying new wood flooring.

Planning to treat and weather shield a number of exterior walls to a 1930's residential property suffering damp problems.

And now looking for ongoing (predominantly, but not only) internal refurbishment tasks...