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Here at HammerSMITH Construction & Renovations, we offer a full range of building services from bathroom installations, to loft conversions and extensions. We are a customer focused, friendly and professional team of highly skilled and experienced tradesman. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with quality and excellence in every project we undertake. If you are planning any home improvements, please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a free quotation or with any questions.


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Latest reviews

  • Bathroom Fitting

    I wanted a small bathroom done and WOULD NOT recommend Hammersmith Construction and team for anything at all. Unless disappointment is your thing. Charged a lot of money and took 3 months to finish a cupboard sized bathroom. Put all the blame on me and took no accountable or responsibility, apart from lies after lies after lies. Left my property in such a bad state that I had to hire another builder to finish the work they didn’t. I was threatened with ripping my bathroom out by Milo over the phone when I raised issues they made. Something he is not going to get away with. You will see Milo at the beginning and never again Graham the builder is very very slow slow and will be the only builder doing the job. Took two months to tike a cupboard sized bathroom and still didn’t finish, blamed me for tiles that were sitting there for months. Milo talks a good service but once they get the job you start noticing all the issues and left dumbfounded. There are so many better builders out there that don’t over charge and take responsibility like Hammersmith Construction, as I found after Hammersmith left my property in a bad bad state. I would NOT recommend this company or team. You will be disappointed. Trust me when I say DO NOT use them, Do not use them. They are bad at best, laughable. They had to get another building company to help them as they couldn’t even connect a tap. They should not be builders, they give the trade a bad name. IGNORE ANY RESPONSE FROM THEM. Timewasters

  • Pipe outside the flat dripping

    The job was done in very quick time and very efficiently.

  • Shower glass panel to be replaced

    Milo couldn't have been more helpful, he was diligent and efficient and most importantly produced high quality work