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in most cases, if our quotation is accepted,we can get the work carried out and completed within the day, and we work to customers prefered start dates.we supply a free 30 year g/tee ,unless an insurance backed g/tee has been specified for which there is a small fee.


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About tie wire northwest

our company has been installing cavity wall ties right from when first introduced as being necessary by structural engineers or surveyors.we do mostly domestic properties of two to three stories high.


we are with triton and p.a.m ties,both of which are long term supplier5s and manufacturers of building chemicals and fixings we supply 30 year guarantees on complrted works. we provide and install new wall ties to older properties which may have suspect. or "bellying" walls.we also stabalise bowing walls by means of lateral restraints.most of our work is normally due to mortgage lender requirements.