Patrick green garden

Bonjour, my name is Patrick Green, I have 10 years experience as a gardener, currently I do maintenance and design garden arounds in London, including; grass cutting, clearance, lawn levelling and laying, pruning, planting, fencing, hedge cutting etc. Happy to discuss your garden needs to see how I can help. Thanks, Patrick at your service. Special offer£££


  1. Garden Maintenance
  2. Landscaping
  3. Decking
  4. Fencing
  5. Driveways (Paved & Loose Surface)

About Patrick green garden

I try to live up to my name and do my rounds uniquely on my powered tool shed. Gardening is a real passion of mine, I enjoy helping people make the most of their green space, however big or small, especially here in London.


Grass cutting. Hedge cutting. General maintenance. Pruning. Levelling and lawn laying. Tree planting. flowers planting and japan flowers turf. And much more.

Latest reviews

  • Gadren clearence and making good

    Really disappointed in Patrick as we entrusted him on our two properties.
    He started off very enthusiastically with good communication skills, after the second week we entrusted him with a second garden. With both projects he assured us that no weeds would be present in the gardens after rotavating and laying new grass seed. After the seed was laid one of the gardens developed extensive weeds, (I wish i could show the pictures on here) we ended using another company to get rid of them.

    During the time he worked on the gardens he never informed us he wouldn't attend the days that we thought he would. This would have been ok but he never communicated this when we expected him to be working, thus making the completion time twice the length it should have been.

    Patrick still needed to complete further 🦐 jobs in both gardens including laying new floor in the shed and securing the fence panels properly, these jobs I ended up doing myself, plus other.

    Patrick suddenly disappeared and after i texted him I found out he was in france. He promised he would finish the work on the 28th of September when he returned, he never did.

    Patrick never got in contact again and never completed the outstanding works, he still has the keys to the two properties.

    Patrick green garden's reply:

    Hello Collin, I am very surprise about this comment, as we end up in good terme. The 2 project have been complet in hight standard, clearing, concret patio, decking, fencing, new wall to give you opportunity to rent a extra property. Looks you unhappy about some weed or rumble is because the turf need to be cut every 3 week maximum. If you don’t touch for 2 month of course it’s start to become wild, specially when the rain and sun are around. But a special weed traitement will fix the problem easily. As I tall you, traitements can be use only after 6 month turf as your is to young.
    The panel you say need to be secure, it’s a big word when you just ask to add a extra screw. (Not necessary from my professional view)
    The floor of your shed has to be change, but you haven’t be charge for it. Please check your invoice.
    Please keep in mind all the work are garanti and done with hight standard and honest price. All the work have been done in the schedudle we set. I reply here cause I have to, but please follow the instruction I have send you in private so we can scheddule a visite to insure to get full satisfied. All the best and see you soon. Patrick at your service. 👍

  • New lawn

    Patrick did a great job of replacing our lawn, quick and reliable

  • Add Sleepers / turf garden and general tidy

    Delighted with the work Patrick did on our garden. He transformed the space. Patrick was the only person who quoted, who used his initiative, making helpful suggestions to improve on our initial ideas. He carried our the work with great efficiency and skill. Many thanks!