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Bonjour, my name is Patrick Green, I have 10 years experience as a gardener, currently I do maintenance and design garden arounds in London, including; grass cutting, clearance, lawn levelling and laying, pruning, planting, fencing, hedge cutting etc. Happy to discuss your garden needs to see how I can help. Thanks, Patrick at your service. Special offer£££


  1. Garden Maintenance
  2. Landscaping
  3. Decking
  4. Fencing

About Patrick green garden

I try to live up to my name and do my rounds uniquely on my powered tool shed. Gardening is a real passion of mine, I enjoy helping people make the most of their green space, however big or small, especially here in London.


Grass cutting. Hedge cutting. General maintenance. Pruning. Levelling and lawn laying. Tree planting. flowers planting and japan flowers turf. And much more.

Latest reviews

  • Overgrown garden clearing and disposing

    Patrick did a okay job in my garden and front garden. However, upon checking his work we noticed that one of our front windows were shattered. I did ask him if he knew anything about it, in which he replied; I quote, 'if some builder drop gravel in the grass area, a small one can move to the window, but nothing I can do about it'. We ended up paying him his £450 for the job, and also another £450 to get that window replaced. A month after his job was done, our neighbour provided the day when he was carrying out his work, and we have it recorded that it was him that shattered the glass and just carried on like nothing happened. I was angered by this, but was too late as payment was made. No honesty from Patrick, if he said he had an accident, just admit it, instead of getting caught out on a lie. Nobody likes a liar. AVOID AT ALL COST.

  • Garden needs to be levelled

    Exceed my expectations. I never knew my garden could be restored again. Thank you Patrick

  • Tend to overgrown garden and plumber

    I hired Parick, the Gardner. He did an excellent job. His price was affordable. I will whole heartedly recommend him for the upkeep and maintenance of a garden. Patrick is courteous, well mannered and sticks to his word. Very reliable and would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a reliable and trustworthy Gardner then Patrick is the one. I have no hesitation in recommending him. Good job and well done Patrick.

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