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We are a company based in the North-West. We offer an array of environmental services, focusing mainly on tree work. Jason, the founder and director has been working in the arboriculture industry for over 11 years, recently spending 3 years teaching at Myerscough college. Great Oaks was founded on one principle - to care for the environment. With all the work we do this is at the forefront of our mind.


  1. Tree Surgery

About Great Oaks Tree Services

Felling / Removal – The complete removal of a tree down to a small stump.

Stump Grinding – mechanical removal of the stump to below ground level.

Site Clearance – removal of some or all trees and bushes from construction sites to enable building works to commence.

Formative Pruning – pruning of young tree stock to remove dead wood and defects.

Crown Lifting – removal of lower branches around the crown of a tree to allow light to pass through.

Pollarding – removal of all the branches of a damaged tree to allow regrowth.

Crown Thinning – removal of selective branches within the tree to allow light to pass through whilst still keeping the overall shape.

Crown Reduction – the reduction of the size of the overall canopy.

Tree Surveys and Inspections - A simple health check or a pre-mortgage tree inspection service.

Landscaping and Garden Maintenance.


National Diploma - Arboriculture - Level 3
AO6 - Chipper Use
A012 - Brushwood Strimmer
CS39 - Chainsaw From A Rope And Harness
CS31 - Fell Small Trees and Processing
CS30 - Chainsaw Crosscutting
CS38 - Ariel Rescue
CS40 - Formative Pruning
UA1 - Basic Electrical Knowledge
UA2.1 - Tree Species Recognition
UA2.2 - Assisted Felling Near Power Lines
UA2.3 - Correct Pruning around Power Lines
Level 2 - Emergency First Aid at Work
CIEH Level 2 - Award in Health and Safety in the Work Place
TAQA - Assessing workplace competence.
PET - Teaching

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