I am multiple skilled handyman in Croydon, Surrey. My clients mostly contact me to repair, re-fit or replace what some other professionals have installed for them. I offer 30 minutes + free consultation, don't charge ridiculous fee, all services I provide can be booked online at your convenient time.


  • 1.Painter & Decorator
  • 2.Flooring Fitter
  • 3.Handyman

About GoToHandyman

I am electrician by trade but I mostly do painting and decorating, small plumbing, replacing lights, switches, sockets, installing floors, general maintenance, carpentry and swimming pool service. As a handyman I provide my clients with wide range of services on case-to-case basis. Appart of residential clients, my portfolio include Premier Inn and Nando's in Croydon.


I have over 7 years "hand on" experience with Painting and Decorating, Plumbing, Carpentry and small electrical jobs. Before that I was manufacturing plastic swimming pools which includes project management and coordinating all aspects of installing and maintenance on behalf of my clients. I refuse to do a job that I consider dangerous or in breach with mine or my clients insurance policy.

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