GFP Developments, Carpentry and Building

Hello Potential Customer, Please find a quick introductory. I am a time served carpenter and builder offering only the best of my 32 years experience in the industry ,covering all aspects of the building industry from general maintenance to Senior Construction manager of a large firm. I pride myself and my company on meeting deadlines ,budgets and producing a quality finish. My honest and upfront attitude is certainly a great asset. I am always happy to help out to the very best of my ability.


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About GFP Developments, Carpentry and Building

My work history stems from my carpentry background, starting with my apprenticeship right through to present day, I have great pride in producing a quality product on budget and with great problem solving ability should any arise.
I have experience in many extensions, loft conversions, manufacture and installation of timber frame homes and even the odd Travelodge plus many other various projects. The always like to make customer feel comfortable in there home whilst we are undertaking the work at hand. I have been in this industry for 32 years leading me from apprentice to Senior Construction Manager status.
I have experience in all sectors of the trade, from tendering and project management to laying bricks and cornering a roof in. Having this hands on knowledge and completing these projects on my own, I know how to ask my tradesmen what we want to achieve as hassle free as possible.
It is impossible to keep some people happy, but we try our best.
We also offer an excellent maintenance service.. to help potential customers out we charge £70 for the 1st hour as this includes our travelling etc, then £40 per hour after that, labour cost only....


City and Guilds carpentry (Distinction)