DMW Heating & Gas Services

I had been worked with gas and heating fitter for more than 25 years and I always have corgi registered. I will providing my good skills for your needs for example : boiler faulty, gas fire faulty, hot water problem, I can sort it out. I always checking first with customers before starting work with your applicances, I also fitting new central heatings, new boiler upgrading, services and repairs.


  1. Plumbing
  2. Central Heating

About DMW Heating & Gas Services

Been worked in heating and gas on domestic for over 30 years, happy to help or advice.


GAS SAFE registered 233169
CORGI membership
CGLI Heating & Ventilating fitter qualifications,
Accreditions on Wet heating, warm air unit, gas fire,
cooker, instantious hot water & LPG installer.
BEC Unvent hot water certificate
Building regulation
Solar ( new to be soon )

Corgi registered and work with central heating since left school. Comlete central heating & plumbing to high standard also especial to gas on safe hand !