Final Touch

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We have over 15 years experience in building work in different European countries that helped us enhance a wide view in the construction area. Alongside this, having also a degree in Arts and Design, gives us the abilities to create for YOU a unique, futuristic shape. Tell us your expectations and we will use our skills and abilities to deliver a well done job for you.


  • 1.Extension Builder
  • 2.Loft Conversion Specialist
  • 3.Restoration & Refurb Specialist

About Final Touch

Our work experience:
-1999-2002, Resita (Romania) decorating monasteries, to be more specific this work included entire renovation: plastering, walls insulation, replacing the entire water pipes system, re-designing and fitting new bathrooms, replacing all door and windows, carpet fitting and wood flooring, redesigning the monasteries' interior and drawing and painting the figures on the walls.
-2002-2003 (Czech Republic) specializing in building houses out of iron and concrete combined together in order to create a strong structure.
-2003-2005, Madrid (Spain) building houses from start to finish: building the foundation of the house, the walls, roofs, swimming pools, fences and patios; fitting the kitchens, the bathrooms, the electrical and plumbing systems.
-2005-2007, Nice, Marseille(France) building ecological wooden houses from start to finish: foundation, cutting the wooden, building the wood walls, the roof, fitting the bathrooms, kitchens, all the rooms, electrical and plumbing system, ground level swimming pool.
-2008-2010 designing and decorating in London and outside London: designing and creating unique bathrooms for clients, building fences, fitting all the doors, wood flooring, skirting and painting walls.


BA in Graphics, Romania
Design Consultant Certificate, Manchester

We possess a wide range of abilities and skills in the construction area complemented by our artistic abilities that add value to our work.
All our abilities and skills have been acquired and developed during our wide work experience and training (in arts and design).
Feel free to take a look on our non-exhaustive list of skills and abilities at your disposal:
-all necessary skills to perform a job in plumbing, brick work, tilling, plastering, fitting plaster boards, painting, carpentry etc.
-ability to design and display a 3D version of your dream bathroom in CAD System;
-skills and abilities to decorate, paint walls with artistic drawings-the client choice (ie. children bedrooms with their favourite cartoon hero)