Reliable ,confident and friendly services. Always think and work to customer satisfation and happiness to achieve standards and repeat business. Treat Customers as Individuals .I Empathise and try my best to fulfill needs.


  • 1.Handyman
  • 2.Landscape Gardener
  • 3.Tree Surgeon
  • 4.Fencer
  • 5.Painter & Decorator

About Fastuga

hi im Luis
In the past few years I have done some handyman jobs :have change bulbs; installed some doors; repaired guttering; repair and install white goods; decorating; gardening; carpenter; some plumbing; etc
this was no major projects only small jobs that i realy enjoy doing it.


I have sold my services on websites such as - ebay, gumtree, for 8-9 years. Over the years it has varied in the products I sell. I started to just earning extra money. However, I developed an interest in handyman jobs. The jobs always change although still being in the handyman area.
I describe myself as someone who has high expectations for my results and I am able to control situations very well when they do not go as planned.