Falcon Building Developments Ltd

We are London based company, that provides many building services. Over the years, we have done many projects in London, starting from the simple painting and decorating, through refurbishments, home extension and loft conversion, to demolition and construction of entire new homes from scratch.


  • 1.Restoration & Refurb Specialist
  • 2.Extension Builder
  • 3.Loft Conversion Specialist
  • 4.New Home Builder

About Falcon Building Developments Ltd

We are working in London building business form 2004. Starting as a laborers in English building companies. Through this year's we have learned how to work on big sites ,offices and single family houses. We have learned how important is to keep the site tidy, how to respect neighbors and play by safety rules.
5 years ago we did a huge refurbishment at PIMLICO that involved demolition and rebuilding whole inside of the 3 storey house. After that we built a house from scratch in Wood Green. In between we did many other jobs that involved total refurbishments, carpentry, plumbing and others. In 2013 we registered as a Ltd company. Into 2014 we took project involved with entire house demolition and raising you want from scratches in Wandsworth. We are hard working and reliable chaps. We never leave project until it's done. Each and every customer that worked for we'll give good recommendation about our service.