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As a woman working in the so-called 'manual' trades it has often been a challenging task. However my experience working more widely within the design field has put me in good stead regarding advice on both the practical side of decorating as well as helping to choose colour and materials.


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About F Brumec Design

I have been involved in painting & decorating for over 25 yrs. I also was a teacher of design in secondary school for 6 yrs but I decided my instinct was to be freelance so I went more into purely decorating contracts. I enjoy working on small bespoke projects and mostly doing it myself although I am happy to bring a team in where necessary especially regarding other trades on site. I got into decorating as a way of earning money whilst I was studying at University and I have had many interesting and varied excursions into the world behind the closed doors of London ...from council flats to aristocracy in Eton Square...I am also aware that being a female decorator can bring more comfort to women who live on their own both from a professional point of view but also personal interaction which is so sadly lacking in work environments these days. I pride myself that I am trustworthy and honest and do the best I can given the job specification and the pricing.


25 years experience.

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