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Luke Miles (Trading as Exo Works) is the Culmination of A Love of Making, Craftsmanship and Innovative Design Solutions. With Over 10 years Experience in Construction, Specialising in Architectural and Spacial Design, Micro Spaces, Landscape Carpentry, Landscaping Construction and Art Installations.


  1. Architecture
  2. CAD/Drawings
  3. Landscaping
  4. Garden Maintenance
  5. Decking
  6. Carpentry
  7. Joinery & Cabinet Making
  8. Fencing
  9. Handyman
  10. Restoration & Refurbishment
  11. Tree Surgery

About Exo Works

The Company as it is today started in 2005, beginning life as a sole traded landscaping and handyman company in south Devon, taking on a broad range of work including small building refurbishments, fencing, pergolas, tree dens, high spec shed/home offices and artist studios for private clients, building contractors and fencing contractors. The company was then put on hiatus after relocating to London to attend architecture school.

Now based in London, the company has been working with other firms and running projects around the UK. Since 2012 it has also been a Design Consultant and Construction Manager on land art, architectural Installations and small construction projects in the UK and Italy.

Works have Included:

Architectural Design and Consultation:

Architectural surveys, design of extensions, micro en-suite configurations, loft conversions and Interior architecture reconfigurations.

Landscaping and Landscape Carpentry:

Design and Construction, Super sheds, Paving, Fencing, Decking, tree dens, Railway Sleepers (retainers, planters, seating), Exterior Seating, Block/Brick Work, Stone masonry, Pizza ovens, BBQs, Pergolas, Vegetable Gardens and a Selection of structures made from recycled pallets.

Building Refurbishment and Restoration:

Bespoke Carpentry, Lime, Flooring, Painting and Decorating.

Land Art and Architectural Installations:

Willow weaving, Green wood frame structures and Adobe/ramped earth, Carved furniture, exhibitions, community events

Tree Work:

Woodland Conservation, Habitat Management works


Architecture BA (Hons) RIBA P1. 2012
Architecture Prof Dip RIBA P2. 2016
Health and Safety Awareness (ROLO). 2012
NPTC, Chainsaw (City & Guilds). 2005
NCFT, Digital Photography. 2005

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