Fit My Flooring.

My experience covers all aspects of flooring from uplifting the existing floor to the in between preparation that maybe required,to the finished project.20 years experience both domestic and contract installations, I look forward to discussing your flooring project with you.. Regards Gerry.


  • Flooring Fitter

About Fit My Flooring.

Over 20 years has a flooring contractor domestic and contract, carpet and vinyl fitting to screeding and safety flooring, laminate, worked and fitted many different types of flooring, giving time and thought to the project. With age comes experience and never rush or just make do, clients need to live with their flooring and be happy with the installation results long after I have finished, so I ask my self each time I install flooring.."would i accept this in my home"..Only when I can say yes then I consider my work to be finished.


Experience is acquired over the years through working in different projects, with different materials, different locations, my experience is hands on, not from a class room or video instruction, being in a real scenario having to know how to install and finish the installation.

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