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Energy Ease Ltd, family business and Accredited Agents for Icynene Insulation. We would like to make it very clear we will not charge for surveys and we don't employ sales people. We will NOT provide man made synthetic material like rock wool and fibreglass. We provide a healthy alterative that goes between the rafters making your lofts environment match the rest of the property. We bag the old insulation and vacuum all harmful pariculates. We take pride in working in an ethical manner.


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About Energy Ease Ltd

Choose from packages:

1/ Icynene LC-D-50 Spray Foam Insulation. (Endorsed by Energy Saving Trust)
2/ Old insulation bagged up and removed, vacuum particulates.
3/ Loft Boarding 22mm P5 tongue & groove, supply and fit.
4/ Install loft ladders tested and certified to BS 7553 Class G

Icynene is Canadian and was designed in 1986 to insulate timber frame buildings in extreme weather conditions. It is now in many countries and a global leader in its field. It is approved by the Energy Saving Trust.
Projects can vary from small domestic properties to schools, large scale commercial buildings and even hospitals. In fact, Icynene is recommended by AMICA (European Association for the Environment & Chronic Toxic Injury).
When you see the difference Icynene makes to a typical English loft space, you realise how bad that space is. How that space is managed will definitely have an effect on the rest of the property however; its a real challenge trying to educate the general public. If you stood in a Canadian attic there would be no noticeable difference in that environment compared to the rest of the property. They cannot afford air leakage in minus 40 degrees however; Icynene's patented and unique properties still lets moisture dissipate naturally through the building envelope. This means Icynene cures a high percentage of condensation and black mould issues in the home. Putting in ventilation systems is not going to give you your loft space back!
Its frustrating seeing man made synthetic materials like rock wool and fibreglass being laid across the joists of peoples homes as condensation and black mould in the home is more often than not caused by the existing insulation in the loft.
Once the Icynene insulation is installed we can then remove the old insulation and vacuum the particulates.
Please ask yourself..... 'is conventional insulation good for the health of the occupants'
Please ask yourself..... 'is conventional insulation really good for the health of the property'. If the answer is no, then why are so many people laying synthetic fibrous material on the floor of there loft ?
Give us the opportunity to educate you and you will be forever grateful.
We offer a combination of packages to include Icynene, old insulation clearance & vacuum particulates, loft boarding and loft ladders.


Icynene is CE, BBA, ETA, IAB, UK Green Building Council, NSAI, Network Riaicpd, ISO 9001, and Passivehaus Trust Member.

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