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Your Best Home! Get a fast and responsive service. We do sketches options, record and explain them via video so you can show friends and family. We cover design and planning - what can be achieved. Technical information (building regulations and construction information) we even coordinate the engineering and get the quote for that also. Don't forget our Project Workbook, a step by step guide. All the questions you didn't know to ask! From party wall agreements to build over agreements.


  1. CAD/Drawings
  2. Architecture

About YOOP Architects


We charge set fees;

1. Draw Existing in 3D
2. Design with options
3. Planning submission in 3D
You get existing, proposed, external views, internal views.
£800 plus VAT for ground floor extensions
£1200 plus VAT ground plus addition element, loft, first-floor extension, summer house.

Technical Information
4. Building Regulations and Construction
You get full compliance drawings and construction section that your builder can price. Includes electrical layout and drainage. This is a very comprehensive and best set of information you can get.
£800 plus VAT ground floor extensions
£1200 plus VAT ground plus addition element, loft, first-floor extension, summer house.

Responsive, fast and friendly process!

Please do not shortlist if these charges do not work for you.
Please only shortlist if you are proceeding with a job, no timewasters.

Types of Extensions for Your Home

1. Rear Single Storey
Possibly the highest value and most useful type of extension.
Terrace House – Typically 3m from the original rear wall
Semi Detached House – Typically 3m from the rear wall
Detached – Typically 4m from the rear wall
General – The height of the extension should be typically 3m at the eaves.

2. Rear Double Storey

These are possible but can be very tricky on terrace and semi detached properties as the width is the key aspect. Typically a second storey extension is possible if it is more than 2m from the boundary. Good results can be achieved on wide fronted houses and detached houses.

3. Side Single Storey
Typically up to half the width of the house can be achieved. Possibly up to the boundary but a 1m gap for garden access maybe more typical.

4. First Floor Side Extension
If the extension is pulled back from the front face by at least 1m and 1m from the side boundary 1m this can be a useful extension.

5. Garage Conversion
Usually not a problem in terms of planning as the building is already there. Garage doors can be replaced by windows to fit in with the house and street scene. The construction will need upgrading to make the garage into habitable space. So Building regulation approval will be required.

6. Loft Conversion
This extension can be very useful for an additional bedroom or office. Things to consider are the height of the ridge, pitch of the roof and overall plan size of the house. Just because you can stand under the ridge does not mean you can achieve a good loft extension. A dormer can be achieved to the rear only (not side or front).

ARB - Architects Registration Board register
Fully Qualified
Professional Indemnity Insurance of £2million


We are qualified Architects
BA Hons, PG Dip, ARB

Many, many years experience, friendly, helpful and down to earth.

Planning Submissions
Building Regulation Submissions
Construction Documents
Party Wall Advice

Homeowner specialists in creating more light and space in your home. Making your house the best it can be. People love options and we do this for you.

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