Efzin Achitecture

We pride ourselves in giving the best design service. Our latest project gained from MyBuilder website, short-listed for Project Design of the Year from London Build 2016. We will give you up to 5 design options FREE OF CHARGE and also suggest engineers and contractors. Speak to the council every day if needed. Also suggest pre-fabrication techniques - foundations, floor and walls - 3 days construction! Looking forward to hearing from you!


  • 1.Architecture
  • 2.CAD/Drawings

About Efzin Achitecture

Recently, we have been awarded “Best Residential Architects in the UK ”. It is not the size of the project that is important to us, but rather the design. Our clients should want, and be willing, to have something different, progressive, and unique. We work very adaptively and are perfectly able to work within any budget constraints. Our client’s budget concerns are something that we put at the forefront of priorities of all our projects.

Our clients chose our services to provide them with a design that enhances the artistic, monetary and personal value of their sites.


Chair RIBA South London
ARB/ RIBA Extensions
New Builds
Grade Listed Buildings
Loft and basement conversions
Interior design
Commercial projects
Space planning and layout
Public spaces and recreational

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