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Efficient Loft Insulation professional experts home insulation installers company located in Greater Manchester and serve Greater Manchester and Merseyside area. we provide services as : ( all the services including FREE JOB SITE ESTIMATE) -Loft insulation -Loft boards installation -Loft ventilation installation against condensation -Rodents proofing -Roof insulation -Loft storage -Air sealing -Loft cleaning & decontamination


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About Efficient Loft

We are a success family crew that started his way based in the Silicon Valley, USA. Our goal was to work with ECO-friendly materials and avoid the distribution of chemical solutions that harm the health of both nature and people.

At the beginning, we wanted to fix our own home and install renovate it withe efficient green materials. We added 3 windows in each floor to get a natural light, installed a boiler trough our water system, changed the regular lights to recessed lights and the most important thing, we insulated the attic and exterior walls.

We were amazed to find that we reduced our utilities over 50%, after a year of tests we found out the insulation was the most effective energy saver we did, so we decided to take insulation forward and opened an insulation company.

Today we have 2 branches: over the United States and United Kindgdom. Our goal is to keep growing all over the world and make people lives easier, help the world to consume less energy and to reduce people’s home utilities.

Our first station over seas is the United Kingdom. In the UK the day light is one of the longest all over the world, but the cold weather made UK to be on the top of the most energy spending countries all over the world.

We are here to make the difference and to show people new alternative to save money and save energy. Cut their bills to any family between 20%-50% and to keep the temperature in the house comfort to live in.

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