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Worried you will pick wrong company ? I GUARANTEE IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY I WILL FIT YOUR KITCHEN AND BATHROOM FOR free ... Dear customer, I have 45 years experience. Please read my feedback and view my work for bbc program and customer feedback on the program, this way you can decide would i be a reliable trustworthy builder prepared to bend over backwards for all my customers, negative feedback can happen, so now you have my guarantee you can relax.All work carries 3 yr guarantee. Chris


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About Getting The Builders In

We have over 50 years experience between our fitters in all aspects of refurbishments. The only trade we do not carry out ourselves is electrical work , but will recommend an experienced company to you with all the necessary certificates.
We will come to your home and talk about all your needs from the start of the job to the end covering all the trades from plastering to painting and decorating
We are a Eco friendly company sourcing Eco friendly products were possible, We will try to help the environment were we can.
When you hire our services I send you a customer agreement so that i can try to avoid any or all problems happening. As long as the quote is read through to avoid things being over looked or missed off the chances of anything going wrong down the line
Things do happen from time to time due to all sorts of things,,faulty goods, illness, jobs taking longer than expected due to hidden problems that might arise, or you may decide to change layout or a product.
It is very rare that we have to add extra costs to our original quote, but it can happen although very rarely.
I try to see any problems that may arise prior to the quote being sent to you so you can keep to your budget.If there are changes to the job then I will put in writing what those changes are and any additional charge it may incur. If I can cover the cost then I will, as my aim is to keep to within budget and keep you the customer happy at all times.
If you are unhappy at any point you can bring them up and i will address them. If you are unhappy with the finish for some reason, under no circumstances make the final payment until resolved.
If there is a faulty item which is found before the final payment, please DO NOT with hold payment as this is then a warranty issue.You may feel happy holding a small amount back until the faulty item is replaced, but that can be discussed and an amount agreed that you are both happy with. Once works are complete and a fault is found I will offer assistance in getting a replacement, but there will be a charge to replace it.
Please under NO circumstance leave negative feedback if you have not discussed an issue with myself or the fitter to rectify the problem. All issues WILL be resolved to your satisfaction before that, so no need for negative feedback . Making a final payment in my mind means you are happy with the job !!!
This action could leave you with no guarantee as it would be extremely difficult to honour that if the issue was not resolved before the feedback was left.
Again rest assured you are what is important to us, all we ask is for customers to be reasonable if there are delays which are out of our hands. Fitters do not want those delays as it usually results in the fitter loosing money and not the customer.
THERE HAVE BEEN 2 NEGATIVE FEEDBACK WHICH WERE DUE TO BOTH CUSTOMERS ASKING FOR EXTRAS THEN EITHER REFUSING TO PAY. For me because i treat all customers with respect is extremely upsetting as i go beyond


Time served apprenticeships in Painting & decoating, Plumbing, tiling and maintenance
Accumulating 50 years experience

Latest reviews

  • New bathroom refit.

    Chris was extremely thorough in ensuring we got exactly what we were after .
    We were short on ideas but Chris did his best to provide us with plenty of pictures of different products
    We finished up with a very modern bathroom and we’re really pleased with the the way it looks .
    Even when we had a minor issue with the vanity unit , Chris quickly got it replaced and fitted a new one.

  • Bathroom Refurbishment as soon as possible

    It was a pleasure having Chris do the project, bathroom looks lovely and we are happy. I would recommend.

  • Update bathroom and cloakroom toilets and basins.

    Chris came up with some good ideas for updating our downstairs cloakroom and upstairs bathroom. Very thorough and we are pleased with the results.