DTS STONE restoration and repair construction services

DTS STONE RESTORATION & REPAIR is a small company that specialises in the creation of high quality stone restoration and pointing in lime; also spray colour renders, crack resin injection and rebuilds and exterior lime based paints. We handle many contracts that most walk away from.


  • 1.Stonemason
  • 2.Chimney & Fireplace Specialist
  • 3.Restoration & Refurb Specialist

About DTS STONE restoration and repair construction services

Hi my name is John . I specialise in the hard to do stone restoration and repair systems.I have been doing this type of work for the past 15 years before 1999 I worked for various stone mason companys and property refurb companys as well as doing insurance funded building projects I am a 3rd generation mason lime worker trained by the lime federation of Great Britain and certified, by the senior lime federation clerk of works for Scotland. In 1999 there was a decline in new stone builds but there was a large market for a specialist stone restoration and repair unit like myself, so I entered the stone restoration sector and have been happy with the results and have an unblemished work record with a very happy client list for any work references that my be required. My policy is simple; I will always try and do a project to within the clients budget and if I can't, then the client is the 1st to know, that way there is never any hidden shocks for the client. My love is for property's from our past to be saved for our children's future , as for any potential future clients if your building has a problem that I can't answer then I use the best consultants in the country the technical department of Mason MORTARS OF Leith so my clients get the best of care and advice free of charge and all problems can be solved and at considerable savings to the client . The type of projects I cover are as follows . Stone restoration and repairs , Repointing , recut and carve , Chimney refurb , Rubble walling, Crack repairs and stitch , Specialist spray lime renders any colour , lime paints ,roof to stone re seals ,Stone Collumns, brick and block works ,drainage , hard landscaping , dry stane dykes , gravel lay ,Complete strip outs and refits ,Complete cleaning for property's , fire flood damage (insurance registered), gutter and down pipe clean and repair , flat roof refurb, Property Stone Surveys and reports done, Underpinning of stone foundations , Supply of other professional trades for client base ,complete property maintenance and repair services ,driveways made , fencing , window replacement , Step repairs and refurb,Tiling ,all external painting ,Shed and garage bases,land clearances , skip supply , pot holes repaired , basement waterproofing ,and concrete repairs SIKA ,WEBBER ,FOSROC repair systems , Vents and core cutting of walls ,Wooden floors sanded back and dressed , Stone floors relayed or refurb , flood walling ,general walling to clients choice ,steel beams fitted , the above services we supply and if we don't do it we know someone who can safely and professionally do it at a cost that suits the budget , on all works carried out by DTS we give a 5 year warranty to our clients we also do a program scope of works for clients who want a little done over 2 or 3 years to suit budgets of the client , our aim is to be the best at what we do at a cost that is fare and reasonable to the client NO MATTER HOW BIG Or HOW SMALL The job one stone or 100 stones .