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We fit kitchens, fit bathrooms, handyman jobs, tiling, almost all types of floor, carpentry, do painting We can fully refurbish your house. Have 25 years of experience in this field.


  1. Bathroom Fitting
  2. Tiling
  3. Kitchen Fitting
  4. Hard Flooring
  5. Carpet & Lino
  6. Painting & Decorating
  7. Carpentry
  8. Bricklaying
  9. Decking
  10. Handyman

About A&A services

We are a new business, but have a big experience.
Quality of our jobs is very important to us.


Carpentry diploma ( issued Vilnius builders training center in Lithuania)
Roofers diploma ( issued Vilnius builders training center in Lithuania)
Painter and decorator diploma (issued Vilnius builders training centre in Lithuania )
Scaffolding sertificate ( Lithuania)
Ground digging sertificate ( Lithuania )

Latest reviews

  • Real wood flooring

    "Nice work!" · "Excellent job on that project." · "
    In the future, we would recommended .
    Thanks so much Darius for helping us.👏🏻👌🏻

  • Flooring

    Just want to say thank for great job done .
    💯 will recommend 👌

  • Looselay LVY kitchen and hallway

    Was good at first. Some mistakes were made that cost me time and money, where I had to replace items. I over-looked these as Alex was quite helpful with some additional things, but he then refused to rectify a flooring job where tiles had shifted.

    I paid him to lay flooring, fit a utility room and powder room. One or two mistakes made were rectified, eventually, although it took some friendly persistence. In balanced fairness, I acknowledge some helpful work e.g. filling holes in the kitchen walls before the furniture was fitted.

    The issue is with the tiles in one area of the kitchen floor, not being cut to the correct size. The rest of the kitchen flooing is fine, it's just a couple of rows of tiles, but it's in the centre of the kitchen, so very visible.

    Everyone who sees the flooring says I should get him to rectify it. He used the adhesive recommended to me by the LVT flooring supplier and blames the tile shifting on the adhesive used. Well, if this is the case, all he needs to do is supply the 'correct' adhesive and reapply the tiles that have shifted.

    He applied the same tiles, but they shifted again. When I asked if he could rectifiy it, he started talking about court - so left field! which shows me he didn't intend to finish the job although he said he would within a couple of weeks after finishing another job.

    This is typical of some workmen who don't want to finish a job, if they've been paid already. I even rounded up the payment. Lesson learned!

    A&A services's reply:

    Thank you for time spent on review. You was waiting along time and as I understood with a purpose. I came to quote and got your lvt flooring and I did not only that. I fitted your utility cabinets and refurbished your cloakroom. I got completely different plan for utility cabinets and you have shifted several times during the work. I spent twice more time then I should as you wasn’t decided what do at your house. Regarding flooring, everything was cut correctly and fitted properly. I have pictures to prove it. You insisted to use spray adhesive, which I was telling you from the start that it was not the right one. Again I have a prove of that in text messages. I came to fix the floor after kitchen worktops was fitted ad flooring was pushed by fitters. I told you again that is not correct adhesive. You insisted to use them again. I am really sorry regarding your flooring, but I can’t come and fix it every time as they move. They only don’t move if they have skirting board from all sides. I even don’t wonder why kitchen fitters can’t finish your kitchen in few moths time. I told you that you can complain in the court , but as a fitter I did everything as it should be . I have all prove as text messages and pictures. You never listen any my advice. I just feel sorry for you that you want to do everything in your way, but it’s not always works. And thank you again for a review. Have a nice journey to finish your refurbishment project.