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    Was over charged. Left a mess. I'm in a vulnerable position and I was taken
    For a ride. Quoted £1.300,for gate posts 9,and a gate and fences 4,and a gate and fitting.
    My neighbour was horrified and I got everything for £287. Plus £130 for fitting. I also payed £1000 for a bit of planting and the taking up of existing lawn. The laying of patio slab around 40. I've got remaining slabs the cheapest!! Didn't get get receipts or a breakdown of work to be done. Everything that your site said he didn't do... trust gone....

    bricklayer/landscaper's reply:

    Was quoted for fence gate soil rocks steps to front slabs used were 23 pound square meter you had 30 sq mtrs altogether please, us three men for two days two men for two days plus I put your pump and filter into pond for you I can only buy quality products as want them to last we all know some one who can do it cheaper you was given quote and accepted which you thought was good price and I still do unfortunately labour isn't cheap so please tell me how we conned you

  • Landscaping and lawn

    Anthony completed the work for us without fuss, mess or hassle. We were pleased with the work which has transformed a couple of areas of our garden. We would certainly invite him to quote for any further landscaping works we have done.

  • Fully landscape garden

    Where to start...
    Terrible, Dishonest, cowboy builder, avoid at all cost.
    I have been left in a dire situation as a result. I am now left spending thousands to rectify his work. The job was to build a retaining wall, new patio, side path, front path, lay lawn.
    I can honestly say I have never felt quite so cheated. Came across as a really nice, down to earth bloke.

    ~50% of my slabs are rocking, lied and told me he would lay the whole thing on a full bed of mortar, currently redoing the job and it is clear he has spot bedded with minimal skill, no compacted base, just layed on mud.

    -Built a 1 brick high wall mortared onto pieces of slate with no foundation which he did begrudgingly redo when I questioned what it was. He replaced this with a straight wall with no foundation, but at least it's straight...

    - Built steps with no foundation

    - Used my tools - a good sign of a poor tradesman

    - pointed my rocking slabs with dry mix which started flaking away within days

    - very messy worker, left mortar stained bricks, patio and left such a large stain on the path outside that one of the neighbours informed the council. Day to day used to leave packets of crisps just lying around in the yard for me to clean up.
    Quote "if there isn't mortar on the slabs they haven't been layed properly"

    - layed some of the grass on grass.. some of it on topsoil and some of it on mortar...

    I could go on forever but basically avoid, avoid and avoid.


  • Backgarden changes

    Built a pagoda and the back garden sorted ready for the summer. Excellent Job. Highly recommended.

  • Repairing or relaying/repointing my patio slabs

    Anthony is a lovely chap. He came in the early summer in response to my advert. He arrived when he said he would, I explained what I needed. He came up with a few good suggestions and quoted me a fair price. He came back later in the summer to discuss colours etc. and I had a few minor alterations including laying new lawn so we upped the price but it still was not OTT. He started work in September just when he said he would and I had a few new ideas by then which meant some extra slabs and he suggested some slate in one part of the garden. My garden's very awkward as it's not level with dip in the middle of the lawn and it slopes towards the shed at bottom of garden and is not a regular shape. I had no decent edges to any of my borders and felt they were to big to manage. This has been adjusted with lovely pavers around all of the edges including new lawn so I no longer need to use a strimmer. I have a new lovely lawn that is even and two gorgeous patios in different parts of the garden. My shed is now easier to get to in which means I wont get muddy if it's wet and all of the colours merge beautifully. Anthony even put up a new line for me and repaired a broken step at the front of the house. Feed him lots of tea and he's a happy man. He is an absolute treasure and works very hard. Okay, so he left a few sweetie wrappers, not the end of the world! I would not hesitate to ask him to work for me again and will recommend him to my neighbour who also needs a new patio.

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  • Raised Pathway & Patio Wall

    Can't comment on quality of workmanship as (following commitment to the work) after several weeks of delays/excuses, I gave up and found someone else more reliable. Poor communications too as always had to be prompted for updates. A shame really as he seemed a decent bloke - disappointed!

    bricklayer/landscaper's reply:

    Had trouble with van genuine excuse and was asked to do extra work on job I was doing and unfortunately could not get there in time to do job in time for them this is not normally the case I can in 99% of time get to job and get it done on time weather also pays a great part in working outside

  • build dwarf wall aprox 2ft 6 ins high x about 6yds

    Good price. Reliable. Happy with standard of work also a nice guy

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