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As stated I am a Master craftsmen, I have been in the construction trade for the past thirty seven years, and have worked in partnership with my brother for the past twenty years and have built up an excellent reputation with regards to all works we have been involved with. We have a large group of fully qualified and highly motivated work force that we can call on and trust with any works undertaken.

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About Findon Building Company

Apprentice with H W Wilsons & son from 1973 to 1977
City and Guilds Brick Laying

H W Wilsons & son Qualified bricklayer from 1977-1982

Worked London Transport (building and maintenance) from 1982 to 1984

H W Wilsons & son 1984 to 1999

1999 formed O'Connell Render services to Present day

Qualifications & accreditations

City in Guilds in Bricklaying.
Fully qualified Monocouche renders (certificate).
All health and safety certificates (passed).

I am a Master craftsman, I have worked in the construction trade for the past thirty seven years, I have been in business with my brother for the past twenty years, between us we have built up a team of highly qualified trades people.
We have also specialized in Monocouche render and insulated specialized render for the past twenty years.

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