DHI Devon

A Handyman for just about any task around the house from Plastering to Plumbing to Carpentry. I am also a qualified Electrical Test Engineer which ensures I have the knowledge to connect electrical appliances and check an Electricians work. I have been providing services to private clients and businesses in the South West since 2014, but personal projects are considerable. 30 years experience and knowledge gained through a desire to know the right answer and do a proper job.


  • 1.Painter & Decorator
  • 2.Bathroom Fitter
  • 3.Carpenter & Joiner
  • 4.Kitchen Fitter
  • 5.Plumber
  • 6.Handyman

About DHI Devon

I've carried out work on a self employed and employed basis in the main for businesses and clients in the south and south east of the country. So this has included building and installing kitchens, bathrooms, decorating and maintenance work. I can help with Double Glazing requirements, Doors, Soffits and Fascias.
I'm happy to assist in any major project and support you through the planning and control process for major projects and review another tradesman's work.
I pride myself on the standard or my work and my customer care. Doing a proper job means working with the proper tools, materials and knowledge.
With age comes experience so make the best use of it.


C & G Electrical Safety IEE 2337 2010.


Public Liability Insurance

Limit of indemnity: £1,000,000.00
Valid until: 21st Nov 2018