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We will not just carry out internal damp proofing and leave you to get the external problem sorted. No salesmen. Not a member of any association. no hidden charge. Small efficient company. Will give you options based on budget. To be totally honest and not make a mountain out of a mole hill To treat your house with respect.


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About Damp Cure Services

Damp Proofing


We do charge a nominal fee for damp proofing survey.

This is to cover the cost of the visit and subsequent written report. Also so we can be transparent and not add this to quotation. In some cases this fee will only apply to full house survey and location of the address.

We have saved many homebuyers from being sold unnecessary treatments, which are usually sold as a one type fits all!

Millions of people across the UK believe that their property requires damp proofing. In reality the majority of the problems turn out to be condensation, which is the most common form of damp and also one of the easiest problems to fix.

A reported 70% of damp problems in the home are caused by condensation. The condensation appears in your property due to a lack of balance between heating and ventilation, resulting in a rise in relative humidity levels indoors.
Also, causes are related to the building fabric, it's location and on how it was built and what methods and materials were used.

As winter approaches and the temperature outside plummets, condensation and damp become increasingly common problems in homes. Left unchecked, they can cause unsightly mould patches, and may even rot or damage surfaces or structures, which could prove very costly to repair. Worse still, condensation and damp can contribute to respiratory health problems.

Knowing which type of damp problem you have, and the solutions available to tackle it, can stamp it out for good. Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do to banish condensation and damp from your home.

The inspection can take upto two hours and I will get to the cause and solutions and work with you to understand everything and alongside your budget and concerns.

We can provide a complete service from start to decorative finish.

All aspects of damp proofing:
Home buyers survey.
Various systems to suit house type and age.

All aspects of plastering.


Darren Smith

Damp Cure Services


N.V.Q level 2 solid plastering.

Taught plastering at North Hertfordshire College.

Worked for contemporary damp proofing company.

worked on 350 year old heritage buildings. Heritage house methodology is crucial in gaining relevant information on older properties.

Not just studied and researched the theories of damp but actually use practice to gain the most important knowledge.

All works given personal guarantee. I do not offer insurance backed guarantees as they are in my opinion a waste of your money.