DAYINE&Co offers multiple services related to house renovation and we are specialist in Bathroom fitting and tiling, Plumbing & Heating. I started working in plumbing in France when I was 15 in our family company where I worked for 10 years. I have accrued international experience working in Germany (5 years), Italy (2 years), Spain (2 years) and Switzerland (6 years). I moved in the UK in 2016 and I started working for a UK company (more than 50 bathrooms per years fitted).


  1. Bathroom Fitting
  2. Plumbing
  3. Tiling


Working in different countries for several years I had the opportunity to make different experiences which allowed me to learn different techniques and improve my technical skills. When I started in our family company I learnt about the passion and determination for this job and how to provide high quality bathroom installations by learning the basic techniques. In Germany I appreciated how to be professional and provide high level customer service. In Italy I focused on painting and I learnt how to apply "Stucco Veneziano". My biggest customer experience was in Switzerland where I worked in luxuries villas. When I moved in the UK I immediately started with a company (plus then 50 bathrooms installed per year) with 3 fitters team. My international experience gave me also the possibility to learn different language and I currently speak:
- Italian (mother-tongue)
- French (mother-tongue)
- Spanish (proficient)
- Rumanian (advanced)
- English (basic)
Please find below all the services we offer:
- Plumbing
- Heating
- Tiling
- Painting
- Decorating
- Bathroom Refurbishment
- Venetian Plaster


Professional Indemnity Insurance

Limit of indemnity: £10,000,000.00
Valid until: 23rd Sep 2019

Public Liability Insurance

Limit of indemnity: £3,000,000.00
Valid until: 23rd Sep 2019